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Blackstone Ink Concentrates

INK …  As You Like It

Blackstone Ink has developed a new and innovative way of delivering fountain pen ink. There are so many different colours on the market that it becomes difficult to choose but with our new ink concentrates we take into account two of the most important aspects for the fountain pen user - saturation and wetness.

This is an ink concentrate that you dilute with water for varying effects. At high concentrations the ink is very wet and highly saturated, while it becomes progressively drier and less saturated the more water you add.

Adjust this ink to suit your favourite fountain pen. Make a wetter ink for dry pens, and a drier ink for wet pens.

Supplied in a 30ml polypropylene bottle - simply add water and it is ready to use. Adding 10ml of water makes a thick, highly saturated ink ideal for calligraphy and artwork. Adding 15-20ml makes a highly saturated, very wet fountain pen ink. Transfer to a 60ml bottle and slowly add more water to make a progressively drier and less saturated ink.

Recommended dilution range up to 60ml.






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